Bellaire High School Class of 1981 — 40th-year reunion

  • Bellaire High School

  • Bellaire railroad bridge

  • Big Reds pride

  • The Ohio River, looking east from Bellaire

  • Bellaire, Ohio

(Photos by Deanna Saunders)

Register now for the 2021 reunion

A staff of classmates has been hard at work over the last few months preparing for our 40th reunion on the weekend of Oct. 15-17. Now is the time to register. Some events are free. Saturday's main event comes with a charge to cover the expenses.

Pick and choose what fits your schedule. But please take the time to register so we can get an idea of attendance, for both the Saturday and Sunday activities.

Friday, Oct. 15

Two informal gathering opportunities

  — The Big Reds football team plays at Union Local, 7 p.m.

  — Meet up at Flanagan's on Belmont Street in Bellaire, before during or after the game. Nothing official is planned; but this is our designated informal gathering place.

Saturday, Oct. 16

40th Reunion event at the Sons of Italy in Bellaire ($25 per person).

  — 5 p.m. - Appetizers

  — 6 p.m. - Dinner catered by the Hall of Fame Cafe ( Sons of Italy - Bellaire (baked steak, stuffed chicken, al gratin scallop potatoes, green beans, salad, roll and butter, dessert, ice tea)

  — Throughout - Cash bar, D.J., 50/50, Chinese auction and more

Three ways to pay

  — Send check to: Lori McKeen, 66494 Roberto Drive, St. Clairsville, OH, 43950

  — Electronically via cashapp at $LoreneMcKeen

  — Electronically to Lori at 740-310-1362

  — Or electronically to Lori via venmo at Lorene McKeen@lorimckeen

Sunday, Oct. 17

Bark Camp gathering at Beach Shelter (no charge). Family event (including kids and grandkids) from noon to 5 p.m. (1 p.m. lunch). Bring covered dish/dessert to share. Burgers and hotdogs will be provided.

We will have a 20-foot slide, a bounce house, corn hole boards, kayaks if anyone wants to take them out, a game called 9 square (like volleyball but you stay in your square), big Tronka trucks and other kids toys.

Bookmark this page and check back for updates.

We need your help

Help us spread the word and make sure we have up to date contact information for you.

Please check the classmates list. If there is nothing listed in the email field for a person, we do not have contact information on record.

We hope that everyone provides their contact information, regardless of whether they plan to attend the reunion. This way we will at least know who we've been able notify about the party.

Classmates list

Most of the information on this list is from our last reunion in 2016. Help us update it. If your name is missing, your email has changed or you have moved, please fill out the update form below if you have not already done so this year.

Name at
Name — email
Adams Alice Littleton —
Anderson Damon Anderson —
Antonik Scott Antonik —
Bailey Randy Bailey —
Baker Roy Baker —
Bakosh Tim Bakosh —
Baldwin Peter Baldwin —
Balestra Theresa Hoover —
Ball Jim Ball —
Ball Kenny Ball — Deceased
Bardwil Brian Bardwil —
Bartlett Charlene Seevers —
Bechtel Shawn Bechtel —  Deceased
Beckett Lisa Johnson —
Bellville Jill Dagan —
Berberich Keith Berberich —
Blacker Scott Blacker —
Blon Glen Blon —
Blon Patrick Blon —
Blon Melinda Higgins —
Bonfini Kristy Briggs —
Bostancic Teal Kuzma — Registered, email unpublished by request
Brandon George Brandon —
Brehm Kim Dunfee —
Bronchik Don Bronchik —
Brooks Greg Brooks —
Brown Sandra Roberts —
Bulger Diana Hallmark —
Bumgardner Mike Bumgardner —
Burkett John Burkett —
Burkhart Anita Usenick —
Camp Timothy Camp —
Campbell Mike Campbell —
Canter Ken Canter —
Carleton Diana Mack —
Carmalt Paula Bickel —
Carpenter Ken Carpenter —
Caruth Shari Caruth —
Childers David Childers —
Childers Susan Williams —
Chirpas Gary Chirpas —
Clemons Todd Clemons —
Clendenin Sherri Clendenin —
Conaway Michele Staskey —
Conners Michael Conners —
Corbett Jim Corbett —
Corbett Mike Corbett —
Coulter Mike Coulter —
Cox Tammy Cox — Email not published by request
Crawford Rich Crawford —
Crumbley Jim Crumbley —
Davis Amy Haggerty —
Davis Lisa Guy —
DeBlasis Rocky DeBlasis —
Dierkes Randy Dierkes —
Dipaolo Jodelle Scott —
Dobrovich Nora McAllister —
Driscoll Lisa Clark —
Duffy Trey Duffy —
Dumas David Dumas —
Dunfee Greg Dunfee —
Dunfee Linda Crew —
Dunfee Penny Davis —
Dunn Kathy Dunn —
Evans Melanie Stevens —
Exner Rich Exner —
Farnario Mike Farnario —
Feller Melanie Fellure —
Fisher Louie Fisher —
Flaherty Paul Flaherty —
Fletcher Vicki Fletcher —
Frey Renee Turpin —
Fry Cheryl Arnold —
Fry Tom Fry — Deceased
Frye Melissa Smith —
Fulton Gail Smiley —
Gallagher Scott Gallagher —
Garloch Ken Garloch —
Giffin Susan Helms —
Givens Leigh Ann Lodi —
Good Harvey Good — Deceased
Goodson Lisa —
Gray David Gray —
Green Tom Green — Deceased
Greenwood Paula Jo Greenwood —
Gulley Keith Gulley —
Gulley Robin Hoffman —
Hadley Kathy Hadley — 
Hakr Leslie Hakr —
Halenar Lori Robson —
Halpin Jim Halpin —
Hanson Paul Hanson —
Hartley Joyce Zastudil —
Hartline Sue Bender —
Havelka Lori Pickerton —
Heil Melissa Heil Stewart —
Helms Wanda Hall —
Henline Lisa Schneider —
Hepburn Chris Hepburn —
Hess Robin Blacker — Registered, email unpublished by request
Hibbitts Connie Hibbitts —
Higgins Mike Higgins —
Higgins Terry Higgins —
Hochstrasser Brian Hochstrasser —
Hollingshead Randy Hollingshead —
Hollingshead Tom Hollingshead —
Imbroscio David Imbroscio —
Jeffreys Randi Jeffreys —
Jenkins Craig Jenkins —
Johnson Barbara Marling —
Johnson Billy Johnson —
Johnston Chriscinda Park —
Jones Chuck Jones —
Kaufman John Kaufman —
Kemp Brian Kemp —
Kennedy Misty Kahl —
Kennon Terry Kennon —
Keyser Jeff Keyser —
Kinsel Carrie Kinsel —
Klaas Lori McKeen —
Klee Eleanor Klee —
Klee Jeff Klee —
Kocher Rich Kocher —
Kolenich Vince Kolenich —
Krupnik Rich Krupnik —
Kunik Scott Kunik —
Landers Brian Landers —
Lasure Leland Lasure —
Lednick Jeff Lednick —
LeMasters Tammy Gross —
Lish George Lish —
LoCoco Keith LoCoco —
LoCoco Kevin LoCoco — Deceased
Marinelli Rob Marinelli —
Marling Mike Marling —
Marling Rich Marling —
Maupin Dorothy Boston — No email
Maxwell Tracy Ghoris —
McFadden Tammy McFadden — Deceased
McFeely Will McFeely —
McFeley Tom McFeley —
McGarry Charles McGarry —
McGarry Curtis McGarry —
McGinnis Lonnie McGinnis —
Means Michael Means —
Means Randy Means —
Meek Bill Meek —
Mellott Herman Mellott —
Mellott Mike Mellott —
Mitchell John Mitchell —
Mokros Kim Mokros —
Mollendick Dennis Mollendick — Deceased
Moncer Cindy Moncer —
Montag Bob Montag —
Moodispaw Paul Moodispaw —
Mooney Rick Mooney —
Morris Jackie Robinson —
Morris Opal Ritts —
Murphy Robert Murphy —
Myers Michelle Ritz —
Myers Randy Myers — Registered, no email provided
Myers Rita Myers —
Neiswanger Linda Barnett —
Nelson Jeff Nelson —
Nelson Shirley Elliott —
Newell Rodney Newell —
Newland Robert Newland —
Ney Tim Ney —
Nolan Terri Nolan —
Ofat Rick Ofat —
Pacifico Marie Hodorowski —
Padgett David Padgett —
Pasco Charles Pasco —
Perzanowski Amy Smith —
Phillips Kathy Mort —
Piatt Dan Piatt —
Piatt Denise Cusik —
Planey Michele Namlik —
Price Darla Price —
Prout Pamela Lewis —
Rankin Melanie Reed —
Rataiczak Randy Rataiczak —
Rataiczak Susie Rataiczak —
Redman Donna Kalk —
Regoli Randy Regoli —
Rhodes Jerri Sterling —
Richardson Janet Richardson —
Ross Rick Rick —
Rutter Karen Rutter —
Salvaterra Susan Hintz —
Saunders Deanna Bass — Registered, no email
Seevers Randy Seevers —
Shopper Robin Gorrell —
Shreve Jim Shreve —
Shubat Barbara Kindt —
Shunk Martin Shunk —
Sims Helen Tothero — Elected not to provide email
Sketel Jim Sketel —
Smith Jackie Smith —
Street Denise Street —
Suchan Steve Suchan —
Tarbet Emily Garczyk —
Taskaline Darla Baker —
Tekely Jim Tekely —
Thomas Matt Thomas —
Tipton Melody Fraizer — Deceased
Trigg Media Trigg — Deceased
Turner Carol McKenzie —
Tuttle Lori Bosold —
Upperman Smith Dianna Landers —
Valachovic Brett Valachovic —
Vanek Anthony Vanek — Deceased
Vannelle Brenna Rocchio —
Vasey Kerry Vasey —
Vinka Donald Vinka —
Vinka Todd Vinka —
Vostatek Fred Vostatek —
Wallace Jeff Wallace —
Warner Melissa Glover —
Webb Adam Webb —
Weber Dana Krahel —
Welch Darrel Welch —
Whitney Rob Whitney —
Wiggins Roger Wiggins — Deceased
Wilke Ron Wilke — Deceased
Wilkes Alicia Bennett —
Williams Henry (Bill) Williams —
Williams Steve Williams —
Willison Todd Willison — Deceased
Wiselka Mike Wiselka —
Wright Bill Wright —
Yocum Donna Yocum —
Yocum Twila Shultz —
Young Daniel Young —

How can we reach you?

There's no need to sign up for the reunion yet.

But we need to know how to reach you. Provide or update your contact information so we're sure to reach you when registration begins.


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Tracy Maxwell Ghoris

Susan Giffin Helms

Misty Kennedy Kahl

Vince Kolenich

Lori Klaas McKeen

Kim Mokros

Jeff Nelson

Susie Rataiczak

Deanna Saunders